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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 15, 2013 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the time wcrossing the finish l >> pam: kron4 newsom 5 is coming up in just a moment. . >> pam: and national security alert as terrorist target the boston marathon. the force of the blast could knock down one of the runners as he neared the finish line. the two bombs about 75 yds apart. >> everyone started to scramble. >> pam: pam police worry that more bombs may go off. hours after that explosion details after the attack still coming in. here again is what we know now. pool boston police have confirmed
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that two people have been killed one of them reportedly in a year-old boy. more than hundred and 30 people have been hurt and that number continues to climb. some of the injuries are serious others critical. no one has been arrested although, we are understanding what congress meant one congressman said a person is being questioned at this time. they are classified as a terrorist attack although it is not clear whether the people responsible are from foreign or domestic. >> a boston globe employees with shooting video of people crossing the finish line when this explosion happened. we want to warn you some of these are very graphic images. you can see and actually hear this first explosion.
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>> alright you just heard that second explosion was about 75 yds away about 50 seconds after the first explosion. you can certainly hear the people screaming and that take a great smoke. total chaos. were slowing down the video and you can see the explosion on the right side of your screen right under all of those flags. the bomb goes off right near a large group of spectators gathered there to watch the race. now listen to the hysteria right after the explosion happened. >> all my dad.
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>> oh my god. the man you hearing reacting again. the boston globe photographer was at the finish line and walked to the area where the explosion occurred. you can see they had to move the barricades to keep people from getting on the race course. people frantically and other responders pat to most of that they could treat the victims. this explosion was all too real. you can see all people frantically running. one runner bill to the ground. it was a horrific event that happened at the boston marathon. >> pam: shortly after 3:00 california time president obama president obama spoke.
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the president made it clear that no formation is still come in and no one can jump to any conclusions. the president made it clear that those responsible will be identified and will be held accountable. i've directed for resources to help protect our people. increase security around the united states as necessary and investigate what happened. the american people will say a prayer for the boston people tonight and michelle and i have sent their deepest thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims in the wake of this senseless loss. we did not yet have all the answers but we do know multiple people have been wounded. some gravely in explosions of the boston marathon. i've spoken to fbi director's and they're mobilizing the proper
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resources to investigate and to respond. we still do not know who did this or why. people should not jump to conclusions before halifax. but to make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this. will did find out why they did this. any responsible individuals. any responsible groups will fill the whole weight of justice. today is a holiday in massachusetts, patriots day. it today that celebrates the free and independently spirits the great spirit of boston has reflected. boston is a tough and resilient town so are its people. i am supremely confident that bostonian will pull together to take care of each other and will forward as one prows city and as they do,
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the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> and the president said as we get more formation the white house will update the public. >> pam: joining us right now david shirk a witness to the crowd when understand your wife was in the crowd please tell us what happened. >> i was standing about 75 ft. away from where the explosion took place just downstream of the finish line. so my wife had just crossed probably 26 seconds prior. another couple we were with, we were walking towards each other when the explosion occurred. so there was no doubt in my mind it was a bomb and it was a big one. >> pam: so you got to see all of the initial reaction please describe the scene for us.
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>> i don't even know if cast properly describes it. there were people everywhere when it first went off there was a shot. people were trying to find cover and try to get in the building. we started to make our way downstream just as quick as we could where my wife was. >> pam: with their injuries were you were >> on the other side of the finish my worthy bombing actually was there were ice's some runners who came across the finish line. >> pam: describe the law
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enforcement reaction as you're there on the scene. >> police officer had ran in the direction of where the explosion had occurred. of course they were yelling to make our way and clear the area. what officer yield about clearing. we were headed one way and all the law-enforcement officers were heading the other way >> pam: we know there was a tent set up to help runners as there were common across the finish line who may need some assistance and that that tends serve those who were injured by the explosion. >> i was farther upstream from that and it would have been further down from where the explosion was. i did not see that. and quite honestly, there was so much going on, i was not paying
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attention. i will try to find a way to get out because of all the barricades that had been put in place. we cannot get across the street. we cannot go from one side of the street to another. it was quite a mess. people were tearing down the barricades. >> pam: described the crowd there? this is not a source for professional runners. i understand work-family is either in the viewing area or some running together? >> up absolutely there were a lot of husbands with strollers and wives with strollers. a lot of kids. a lot of young people. a lot of old people as well but it was a mixed group of everyone think ave any event like this. it was a family outing. >> pam: were looking at video as were speaking with you showing the tremendous amount of smoke pouring into the street to a window,
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shattering. describe as seen >> i was actually leaning against a guard terrell face in the direction of the explosion. i saw large flags. i saw a lot of smoke. the smoke build up in the air 80 or 90 ft.. and almost knocked me over. it lifted me off my feet for a second. and everyone else around me on shore. by the time the second one went off. we did not know if there was going to be more in the area. it was hard to make a determination on what to do. >> pam: pam david thank you for your time on this very
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stressful afternoon. of course we are happy that your wife and friends are happy and that you are ok. >> pam: earlier today, san francisco mumps mayor ed lee said that san francisco is safe and that the fbi has said that there are no threats in this city. with that said, we all know there are a number of future events this week. the cherry festival to day to day. >> we have to look at everything with these events and everything that occurred in boston. we have to make sure that public safety is our number one concern. >> pam: police are on high
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alert today in the wake of the boston marathon bombings. one officer mount turn in the platforms. one looking in to train windows as it pulls into the station. there's confirmation to said that bart is a target. they want computers to know to report any suspicious activities or items that may be seen in the bart station. police also patrolling the paul station. there's a lot of traffic. officers checking backs they have brought and canine units. officers standing by checking trains as they arrive and depart. san francisco police are on heightened alert today following those explosions
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at the finish line at the boston marathon. kron4's special coverage of the boston marathon bombings will continue after this break. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> pam
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>> pwe have some new details of the information on boston. doctors in boston are indicating the number could go higher. they are saying at least one or two patients are not expected to live. a hospital's report they are
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treating at least 124 people. of those, at least 59 critical condition. the injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to amputations. a lot of people suffered leg injuries. some of them have ruptured ear drums. again the fbi does consider this a terrorist attack. , and security colin it's well- planned. it is not sure whether this is a domestic or foreign act. law enforcement remains on heightened alert. >> pam: will to get a better idea of the area where all of this happened in boston today kron4's charles clifford is in the news from today he has a closer look. >> today's explosions occurred on boyle stand road in downtown boston near the finish line of the boston marathon. this is boyle said st. here's the finish line. runners running eastbound.
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the explosion occurred about. 10 to 15 seconds later a block and a half west occurred near ring road and boyle stand. there's a starbucks right here on the corner. after these explosions, several buildings were evacuated including the lenox and mandarin hotel. at the same time, about 3 mi. to the south east, there was a fire and possible explosion at the jfk library right here. we've heard conflicting reports throughout the day that this may or may not be connected to what happened downtown. and the news room charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: saw many people terrified at the schematics seen. we heard some interesting accounts. >> everyone could hear the explosion they could fill
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the smoke even for those who were not close to the explosion. listen to these firsthand accounts. >> i was just on the other side of the finish line. the explosion would like it was right outside the marathon sports right by the finish line. i was over there literally two minutes before i walked down a little bit. her two big explosions. large tombs of dust, smoke, glass. i was going crazy. at first it almost sounds like a cannon blast. the sound seemed like it could blow my head off. everyone started running the other way. there were some very barry bad injuries. >> were putting pressure on wounds. a lot people were hurt and we ran as fast as we could to get blood. thi
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pretty big explosions. there's a lot of blood everywhere. >> some of the witnesses are also saying that this there was this immediate rush away from the bomb. nurses were going to forward. this is what some people were saying. a lot of runners instead of running across the finish line instead of running away ran to the hospital to donate blood. i found this so interesting that they could steal the ground shake that that's how big did bombings were. a >> pam: justine thank-you.
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kron4 special coverage of the boston marathon bombings will continue after this break.
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>> pam: our coverage of the boston marathon bombings continues. kron4's dan carmen has some new information to tell to report tonight. >> reports say now there's a be on lookout for a dark skin or african-american male with a back pack and black sweat shirt. according to authorities, this person could be a foreign national. he could have a possible accent. they said this person tried to get access to restricted area of the boston marathon shortly after the blast he was denied then put on his study and moved away from the area. they believe this person may be involved in this. that is what police are doing now. they are putting a be on the lookout for this person. at the same time, we have told that there have been several persons being questioned. but at this point, no one has been identified as a suspect.
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>> pam: our special coverage of the boston marathon bombings will continue. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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>> we are continuing to cover the bloody scene of boston. police we are learning tonight, on the lookout for a specific person. a man with a hoodie, a backpack and they have been looking at surveillance video looking at particular people who were apparently trying to bring back packs into that area. there is a specific mandate have an alert for. a little bit of news the irs saying that boston taxpayers need time to finish their tax returns without worry because the irs figures it will provide individual tax filing and payment extensions st that they will announce the details tomorrow. more news coming up after the break. medications?
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>> pam: national security alert as terrorist targets the boston marathon. the force of the blast knocked over water as he neared the finish line. the two bombs about 75 yds apart. >> everyone started to scramble. >> pam: this is what we know right now. two people have been killed. one of them reportedly and eight year- old boy. more than 130 people have been hurt. that number climate throughout the day to day. some of those injuries are serious and others are critical. dr. san tonight, they may not be able to save all the victims. and the bay area and across the country, security and law- enforcement are on a heightened alert. persons of interest are being questioned in boston
5:32 pm
tonight and police are also looking for a black male wearing any committee with a black package who tried to get access to restricted area but was not allowed. they're screening surveillance video. was check-in with grants. >> wouldn't have for some moments as the bomb explodes. we want to more people some of these images are graphic. there's the man who fell from the explosion. police officers springing into action. here is one of the victims'. the victim on a stretcher. you can see his face and then this man right here. , is comforting another victim. a foot injury to this victim and she's being carried on a stretcher. still many people hurt. first responders and ordinary people as well, making sure the victims' sent it to help
5:33 pm
that they need. >> pam: on the phone with us now is a person who was two blocks away when he heard the explosion hit. he had a friend who was in the race. he is staying at a hotel right now. thanks so much nick for joining us to help us understand. what is happening right now? >> we understand you're still in the area of where the marathon ended. what's going on there now? >> , bought a block away and a hotel room on the 30th floor. it's pretty empty. there's not much going on. there's not a lot of traffic. a lot of police cars but there's just not a
5:34 pm
lot going on. the streets are blocked off. >> pam: have even given instruction not to come out?. >> earlier we told not to leave the building. >> pam: tell us what happened at the time of the explosion. you're there when this happened. >> will about two blocks away walking in the other direction. we are to big banks. we didn't think anything of it. we thought it sounded wei. we started walking until we saw people upset and running around and confused and that's when we realize something was wrong. >> pam: nick thank you for your time and help us understand what happened in boston this evening. we want to check-in right mouse cnn renee marsh standing in to give us a sense of government response. bernanke in paris? >> here in washington d.c.,
5:35 pm
we heard of the president in the 6:00 hour local time really saying that whoever is responsible, they do plan on hunting them down and holding them responsible. >> two explosions within seconds on the marathon route through. >> the force of the explosion caused a billing called of smoke. and rising panic. >> we are looking for any
5:36 pm
information that people have as to what they saw that my self happened at the side of the explosion in coming or going. all authorities have set up a tip line and asking people to go home or hotels and avoid large crowds. >> people should be, but they should also understand this is an ongoing event. >> where getting a little more information about the bombs for example we were told by officials that there were small yet, they were intense enough to do some damage. as far as the injuries go, we're starting to hear what the injuries are like. we know that 10 amputations for those who suffer injuries here that
5:37 pm
this bombing. we also know that according to the authority's they said they did not get any prior intelligence that some or any group was planning on doing something like this at the boston marathon. >> pam: rene are you hearing anything else from members of congress or the agencies that would oversee like, securir the fbi? any new offer mission coming from them? >> the latest information that we have received is that major cities san francisco, new york, d.c., because of what happened, are under heightened security here in washington d.c., there's a portion of the white house out front that was pretty much on lockdown. so if you were torres out here, you cannot get in the front area near the west wing of the white house. also, there were
5:38 pm
scoping around the monuments looking for any suspicious packages. this is all protocol when something of this magnitude happens. everything all clear. all of the monuments open here in washington d.c.. of course, at our airports they're paying close attention there as well as logan airport in boston. they're paying close attention to be going and coming of all of those planes and passengers were passenger security. >> pam: rene thank-you for your information reporting live from austin d.c. tonight. >> pam: we would like to give you a better idea of where these bombings occurred. charles clifford has a closer look. charles? live >> if resume and closer here you can see this is boyle stench street. runners were
5:39 pm
running eastbound on boyle boys and. these occurred around 3:00 p.m. eastern time monday right here, about 50 yds from the finish line. the second explosion occurred about half a block away near boylentersection of rg road right here. several buildings were evacuated after the explosion including the mandarin hotel. also, the lenox hotel a block away was also evacuated. there was another incident that occurred about 3 mi. away where there was a fire at the jfk library. there have been conflicting reports on whether this incident was occurred to the explosions downtown. in the news room, charles clifford, kron4 news. >> pam: we're going to take a quick break and come back with more.
5:40 pm
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kron4 news continues tonight about the boston attacks in boston. meantime kafiristan about additional informational catherine >> what is described as a terror attack still stands at two. at least a couple of pages not expected to live. at least 124 people of those 15 are in critical condition. amputations leg injury shrapnel wounds and some people have ruptured ear drums, a 47 are looking
5:44 pm
for a man who had a backpack and tried to give one of the restricted areas. the ripple effect could secure is been tied across the country near city for example. of the orders have been saying all they that they have been finding other secondary devices which they said they discovered before they exploded. police say as many as five been found around the city. pam >> we are awaiting a news conference in boston live we will bring that to you once the slide. we will not
5:45 pm
check-in with a reporter about security there tonight. >> reporter so many people will be converging on the warriors' game tonight getting ready for the security tonight. what is going on the hymie they just let a big group of case fan at the coliseum here. as of right now the security is pretty substantial right now. several people have been going in and out and one of the right back to your right now. thank you >> is alive to boston listen to liven force. >> commission ed davis will make some comments and will take any questions you may have. as you all know this whole community has been dealing with the horrific events today to explosion on wall street near the finish line of the boston marathon.
5:46 pm
over 100 people were injured some gravely. we are not ready yet to confirm the details, of those injuries. there are federal state and local law enforcement all unseen in coordinating very closely the fbi is taking charge of the investigation. read your late de laurier was the to that shortly. this is an active investigation investigation. that is a cry the scene. national security is limiting access to the crime scene. a support center has been open at the park plaza castle on arlington and columbus avenue. runners.
5:47 pm
there's several runners who were unable to finish the race because the race was stopped at madison avenue and avenue after the event. there are buses bringing those runners back from various cities and towns along the center to the support center. families have not had a chance yet to connect to those runners. the city the mayor his staff have made a staff available at the support center to help meet people's needs. otherwise the city of boston is open and will be open to mar the will not be business as usual. there will be a- law enforcement presence assistance with the severity and sears's of the ongoing investigation. people should expect who are writing the t there will be random checks and back
5:48 pm
attacks and other parcels and we ask everyone to be patient. this is for the public safety. we're also asking that everyone be on a state of heightened vigilance. that is required. please report suspicious packages or parcels were suspicious activity. please report all suspicious activity to lot local law of for some. residents in boston and along the routes and citizen towns of the mayor tom marathon passes through an extraordinary kind as has been shown. neighbors and visitors are as shaken by this experience as we app. we so appreciate those kindnesses and thank you for them. we're going to get through this. we do not have all the answers yet. i
5:49 pm
can tell you from the the president to the members of our congressional delegation to many many fellow governors will call to check into all of the leaders and law enforcement here in the state and local and federal levels level we all try to do everything we can to get to the bottom of this. let me turn the podium over. >> thank you very much governor patrick the most important that we want to convey to everybody today is that we want to mention that the fbi is taking the lead in this investigation. it will do so through the boston terrier is a joint task force. this will be a combined federal state and local efforts.
5:50 pm
this would be an ongoing investigation. it is a criminal investigation. it is been invested as a potential terrorist terrorist investigation. will get all the facts and bring those responsible for this crime crime to justice as quickly as possible. as governor patrick mission mention i am not at liberty now to to disclose information about this investigation. i urge anybody who has any information pertaining to this crime to call 1800 call fbi. this is a tip line that we have set up. the fbi is bringing a substantial very very substantial federal resources to bear, along with our federal partners.
5:51 pm
although law enforcement's law enforcement agencies will be combined to solve this crime. i would turn is now over to u.s. attorney arts all tease. >> yesterday evening i just let go, but with the governor has said. and many of the others have said today that this is a horrific tragedy in our city of boston. and we on behalf on behalf of the part of justice, are here to provide all the resources necessary to support this investigation. there are a lot of questions. but what can assure you is that this is a very thorough and active and fluent on gone investigation. i ask you that you help with that. i
5:52 pm
know there is a lot of information that is being sought as the governor said. sometimes misinformation. we do not want to add to that misinformation. we want to continue to investigate this matter and get the individual or individuals that may be responsible for this and the department of justice is prepared to provide all the assistance necessary to the fbi and the 80 elf and other federal agencies to solve this crime. >> thank you and says attorney on behalf on mayor bonino i'd like to offer my sympathies to the victims of the families of this horrendous event. this cowardly act will not be taken in stride we will turn every rock over and found the people responsible for
5:53 pm
this. we're working very closely with the department of the boston police department and they are on the scene since this incident happened. there has been a horrendous loss of life. several people have died in this event. the number of injuries are still unfolding. will not have hard figures on that until tomorrow morning. also there questions been attacks that. there is no suspect at the hospital. there are people that we are talking to. but there is no suspect of brigham hospital. i like to fix their right now there is no suspected britain moss built a. this is very early in the investigation. to my will not be business as usual in boston. we are
5:54 pm
working 12 ... ...
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
... how many explosive devices digit 5 >> i'm not want to comment on that this time >> evidence analysis is ongoing right now it would be not good for me to comment right now.
5:57 pm
>> what should people do tomorrow >> will people be able to walk to their offices a walk to mark were tamara question
5:58 pm
>> is not want to be easy simple or regular tamara in the city of boston. and in most cases people are not going to be have access to that specific area. >> as soon as we get information we will get with the emir to get all this information to the jar park public about where and what is what this specific area. >> we are in the process of going through all of the abandoned property that was discarded those places. we have pretty much clear the bolsa street area. there are no for the device is that we've discovered at this time. but we are getting reports from various pet
5:59 pm
places about suspicious packages. we are still very actively pursuing every lead that we have. >> kenyan former confirmed that a year-old child was killed question >> >> can you confirm the extent of the injuries? >> the investigation will lead since several places. >> are you searching for additional devices and searching the entire root question >>
6:00 pm
at this point time our focus on the investigation is the area that the governor mentioned. >> we are actually working very closely with the families right now and setting up a location near here that fan is to come to if they have any questions. the mayor's office has stilled that many calls and concerns were gone through those right now. >> nine thirds of our more will be the next briefing thank you >> yet but listen to a live news conference will live law enforcements. kron 4 news excesses come up now with the latest information
6:01 pm
breaking news in the first military attacks to the attacks in boston police respond to the same. the investigation continues to tick three people are confirmed dead one reportedly in a year-old boy. many children are among the one in 32 are injured from today's explosions. boston residents are being urged to stay in their homes. police said they have found more explosive devices. the head
6:02 pm
of home unsecured says that a person of injured interest is being questioned. no one has been arrested. as seconal grant. >> >> the first explosion that happened is captioned captured on camera. the boston globe employee was shooting video at the finish line when the explosion happened. we do a war you that some of these images are quite graphic. you can see in action here the first explosion. boldin escalatioboldin exclamation poit people running. we just heard that second explosion to explosion about 15 seconds apart and 75 yds
6:03 pm
apart. the gray smoke, you can see the explosion in slow motion the bomb going off right by this large group of people. right of those fell an ex now listen to the hysteria right after those explosions. >> we can attack. >> oh my god! about escalation of by exclamation of my god! >> all my god! >> that man's voice we heard is very emotional. the
6:04 pm
photographer for the boston globe. he was shaken as he moved closer to the same with all the carnage to concede. once again this is the finish line. right over here by 15 yds from the photographer was is for the first bomb went off. it was just mass chaos. people were running a volunteers were tried to get to the victims who were gathered under those that flags to watch the racers as if crossed the finish line. a lot ofd a lot ofe realize what was happening. so the injuries came to light. pampa >> >> a powerful blast people running chaos everywhere people are running people were not eased about the city of boston at this time. justing waldman is to now she has been monitoring with
6:05 pm
this account of what happened earlier today. >> >> we know that there was a lot of chaos and confusion. everyone was described the smell smoke and hear the explosion and felt the ground shake. we discuss a new video and sound from the witness. listen here >> >> wohl! people running chaos someone does blow up exclamation >> i was about 30 ft. from the finish line. many are hurting and i felt it. i heard a noise that i've never heard anything that allow the mind are like. i felt the ground shake nothing i felt ever before. i was so shook up literally. about 25 seconds later i turned to see what was
6:06 pm
actually happening. i looked up and saw smoke everywhere and everybody screaming and running in different directions. it was utterly chaos. >> >> we heard explosions and we knew was a little bit louder than a cherry bomb or fireworks there path it was the most serious they have their witness. it was a terrible scene. chevron chevron's when i made the turn i heard the first pop balloon and then another one bone it was one big cloud of smoke. chevron >> >> this is bad. this is bad is really bad. >>
6:07 pm
>> people were in their area are describing heavy snipers and dogs on top of buildings. if police to try to keep the area safe and keep people, come. loss of chaos and confused. chevron sharks >> kron4 charles clifford is live in a newsroom tonight reporting. the explosion happened in boston downtown boston new bosses street. it happened to the finish line of the boston marathon. runners running east down on boys of st. in the first explosion occurred. this is the street
6:08 pm
level view of the scene where the first explosion. on boys and during rolled the second explosion occurred right here. as moving again closer use in the street you you could see the star part starbucks and other businesses covered with people running in the street. the national guard has movie man and close this entire area as the fbi close off this area. they will try to figure out what is happening. in the newsroom charles clifford. >> san francisco police chief has spoken with the fbi and has been assured that there are no specific threats to san francisco.
6:09 pm
the san francisco patrol officers are still been asked to be extra vigilant in particular areas where there are large crowds. >> >> >> and you can see the sec this fiscal polices with the bart police patrol in various stages in san for assistance. police say the move as a safety across the that the city has not received any credible threats. police also asking members of the public's to report any suspicious activity by calling 911. in light of the attack at the boston the san for cisco please the parma's putting protocols in place to reassure the public that special emphasis has been placed in areas with large crowds. including the san
6:10 pm
francisco airport. you lie >> >> san francisco international airport has some bomb sniffing dogs corner around checking garbage cans as a precautionary measure. inspectors are also out looking around the corral for possible suspicious activity. everyone has been instructed to par to be particularly suspicious of anyone with any suspicious that packages. i spoke with
6:11 pm
some travelers and they told me that there are feeling pretty secure as far as tram broke today. they're very important empathetic and sympathetic with what does happen in boston. >> >> > police say there will be a more visible presence of the police at the golden state warriors game tonight and oakland a's. >> >> they are stepping up security for both the warriors and days. i want brienz sgt nelson with the al denys county bomb squad to talk to me about a little bit about what she does so far today to keep everyone safe. >> >> to not we have technician
6:12 pm
said of the be here to keep everyone safe we have found nothing at this time. >> and kron4 special coverage of the boston marathon
6:13 pm
bombers will continue after this break.
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
last july look outside in san jose sustained winds have been the the 20 and 30 mi. area range would ensue when does the 50 mi. per hour when does. 41 aware when city 36 for oakland 33 for,. we are currently under way when the advisory in the bay area. we will see when speed is in a 20 to 30 mi. per month are wins until 9:00 p.m. tonight. satellite and radar picture showed a few showers to the north of us as well we could catch a shower to before the night
6:17 pm
is over take a look at our extended kron4 test. will start a gradual warming trend this weekend with high into the '80s. >> >> www.kron4.coat least 138 peopled in these terrible explosions in boston. two explosion about a block apart about 15 seconds apart. doctors in boston in boston are saying that in one hospital in particular there will be at least one or two more fatalities. eight hospitals report that they are treating at least 124 people. and is 15 are in critical condition. a lot of amputations and shrapnel injuries. the fbi considers this a terrorist attack. the
6:18 pm
president stopped short of saying that. homeland's security is calling this attack will plan. it is not clear yet whether this is a terrorist group or domestic group. they won't say much but they said they say there's no suspect. new lin >> so many first responders
6:19 pm
converging on this air where the boston mayor of don wasn't attacked pitcher show so much carnage. we just heard recently that a third person has now that pam >> gate something has just happened that i have never seen before. you to have done something that we've never seen before. u2 has created a special channel that is devoted to the boston marathon attacks. u2 has video from different
6:20 pm
angles of the explosion. this bill is uncensored on you to kenya to said they are doing this so they can get immediate information as it unfolds in boston. it will be interesting to see how many views on this page get. >> still ahead we will >> which will will continue coverage on this boston marathon attack.
6:21 pm
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6:23 pm
and i news room tonight was new information boston police confirm that we are now talking about for recapture to ntt' we are now u three park abothree casualtiey
6:24 pm
police talked about is a suspect being talked about at a boston hospital. there are no suspects being interviewed at the boston area hospital. finally the complete police commissioner said that people should be at ease at this point. the area in and around the blast has been cleared and we have searched all around area. they are still getting reports about abandoned items and all have to be checked and will be checked before they can breathe easy. that's the latest live from the newsroom. >> >>
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> pam: and we are continuing to follow developments coming out of
6:27 pm
boston as well as washington d.c. regarding the deadly explosion at the finish line boston marathon. the latest is that three people are dead and more than 100 have been injured in that bombing situation. >> >> 36 in oakland. we're under a new wind advisory for the rest of the evening. i'll have more on the wins coming up. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then...
6:28 pm
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6:30 pm
palms police search boston residents to stay at home as more rest as more devices are found. bomb sniffing dogs at the airport. security measures stepped up as president obama promised to track down whoever is responsible. >> pam: a race that started with one minute of silence for the victims of the new town school massacre ended with screams of terror in boston today. now six and a half hours later, there's still no indication of who may be responsible. here's what we do know at this hour with in the past hour, at least one dead is in a year-old child. local hospitals say more than 140
6:31 pm
people have been treated and not all of them are expected to survive. as many as five other devices have been found in this arm. the navy has sent a bob disposal squad to help out a nationwide terror alert. , so far not cause any disruption here. rene what's the latest from there? >> you know you mentioned several major cities and on high alert street san) washington dc. we're seeing that as well. i want to get back to the injured because as the night goes on, we still see that number climbed. we are getting more information about the type injuries. we know at least 10 amputations have happened already. two explosions within seconds of each other along the marathon route.
6:32 pm
>> and first sound like a cannon blasts it almost blew my head off. we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this and why they did this. any responsible individuals. any responsible groups will fill the full weight of justice >> the force of explosions caused a billing cloud of smoke over, we square and rising panic >> everyone started to scramble. there were pushing people to get away from the scene not knowing if there were more explosions, >> we are looking for any information people have or may have sought or might have heard at the side of the explosion or have in the coming foregoing. we're investigating all these runoff >> top stories have set up a tip line and asking people to go home or two hotels and to avoid large crowds. >> people should be called but they should understand that this is an ongoing events >> the marathon winners had
6:33 pm
wrapped up their races an hour earlier but nearly 27,000 athletes were still working to complete the course when the bombs went off. >> can we can tell you that a saudi national with a leg injury is being guarded by law enforcement at a boston hospital in connection with this bossing here at the boston marathon. however, law enforcement not ready to say that this person is a suspect. in fact, they are not saying that and they're not saying that this person was directly involved in the bombing. but, again being guarded at this hospital. so we're following that >> pam: rene we know the fbi early in this investigation. are you hearing anything from members of congress? >> the fbi is leading the investigation. we know that congress when they met today, they had a moment of silence for the folks there.
6:34 pm
members of congress getting briefed, mainly those on the house intelligence committee. but again, the information is for ever- changing and we've seen that from beginning to end. so, we've received some information, but it has not been confirmed on the record by boston police. so the only thing we have right now is, there is no motive and they did not have anyone in custody officially. no. >> >> pam: name march stinky reporting live from washington think you. >> monday's explosion occurred near downtown boston along the street near the finish line. if we take a closer look with google earth. here's the street and hears the finish line. the runners were running east from a long district around
6:35 pm
3:00 p.m. eastern time. the first explosion occurred about 30 ft. from the finish line. you can see the sidewalk here. at the time it was covered with suspect with spectators. 10 to 15 seconds after the first explosion, there was a second explosion about a block and a half from the west of the it this st. that occurred at the intersection. here's another street level view. you can see the starbucks and also if this entire area was covered with spectators and runners. since the explosion, the national guard has come in and blocked off this entire area. the fbi has taken over the investigation and we are being told that all of the street will be closed down as investigators try to piece together what happened here. in the newsroom, charles clifford, kron4 news. >> which collected the dramatic images from the boston bombing. images from the second explosion here.
6:36 pm
we want to warn you some of these images are graphic. right there, you can see the fire and smoke build. these runners are actually heading towards it. that's how we get it was. here's another view of the second explosion. you can see that big fireball. you have police starting to react. and here you have a young boy among the injured, been taken to get eight. a man on the stretcher. some in people injured, more than 130 people some of them critically injured. and some of them children. the police will not confirm that the year-old is among the deceased. >> pam: justine waldman has been my turn all of the witness accounts come into the newsroom. she's here now and have some confirmation. >> it sounds like people are saying that they were trapped. thereby the finish line they heard the finish
6:37 pm
they heard the bomb. and in the second explosion goes off. for people who've never gone through something like this before, they have no idea what to do. >> there was an odd experience. if you never have run a marathon you know if you have you know that you officially move away from the finish line to make room for the next finishers. as far as we're concerned, we reduce walking more quickly through the issue. we were given our metals and our blankets and are bananas as we normally would. at this point, when repairing only rumors of what had happened. people were guessing all kind of things. in an odd way, our experience beyond the finish line, move away from the explosion, was perfectly normal for a post marathon. it was only after a while, the police started to move through the area telling us
6:38 pm
with an energetic tone to get out. >> absolute panic is how i would describe witnesses saw how they felt. >> pam: and adding to the terror, one bomb goes off the star running one direction, and then another bomb goes off. you would feel trapped >> pam: as a result of the boston marathon attacks earlier today, san francisco airport has been on high alert and at the san jose airport police have not ordered any extra security. rob fladeboe has more story >> there is a san jose police cruisers are front and center outside terminal be here at san jose international airport. i am told that is normal for this time of day. san jose police have not ordered any extra security as a result of the occurrence in boston.
6:39 pm
airport officials are well aware of what is going on. here's airport spokeswoman >> the public will continue >> there will be no changes to security as of right now. we've had no formal request from the tse to make changes to our security program. >> as far as an impact on air traffic, there is one flight and bound from boston's logan airport. that is a jet blew fight. it was the late about one hour and then it took off. it's due to touch down a san jose about 930 tonight. it will return as a red eye flight. as for right now, no extra security measures here to be seen but i am told this could change. and san jose
6:40 pm
rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam: san francisco police chief says he has talked with the fbi and has been assured there are no specific threats being made toward san francisco. but patrol officers are being asked to be extra vigilant in areas where large crowds of >> officers have special emphasis to areas where large crowds gather. we want to make sure everybody is safe >> pam: you can also see san francisco police patrolling bart station in san francisco. police say is a safety precaution and that the city has now received any credible threats. nonetheless, please ask the members of the public to be especially alert and to report any suspicious activity by calling 911. still ahead, we continue to follow coverage of the
6:41 pm
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6:44 pm
>> when the conditions of on the bay area. tacoma 36 mi. an hour and oakland to. it buys three is expected until 9:00 tonight. >> pam: as we continue to follow developments in the boston following the marathon bombings kron4's dan carmen is in the news room >> you know pam we've heard about ball bearings to the bombs have they did talk about a couple of things. they've talked about other explosive ideas. and they've used the word tear >> it is a criminal investigation that has the potential to be terrorist investigation >> there is no suspect at the hospital. they're people we're talking to but there
6:45 pm
is no suspect at hospital. >> we are in the process of going through all of the abandoned property that was discarded at those places. we've pretty much clear that the street where the bombing occurred. they're no. we are getting reports from various places about suspicious packages. that's perfectly understandable and the situation. i'm not prepared to say that we are at ease at this point in time. we're still actively pursuing every lead that we have. >> again those are the highlights of the news conference that occurred. the death toll now up to 3 of this class. reporting live in the kron 4 news room dan carmen >> pam: special coverage of the boston marathon bombings will continue after this break.
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
>> pam: some nine oakland police say there will be a more visible police presence at both the golden gate
6:49 pm
warriors game and. scott is in oakland right now, >> pam i have seen beefed up police presence. let me show you some of the security here. this is at the a's game. right from gate be. you can see police checking people as they come into the ballpark. i asked the fans tonight about that beefed up security. >> i think we have a pretty good crowd here and i'm not the least bit concerned. >> i'm glad they're making sure where secured. >> new phil safe, not today. >> i think i'm pretty confident what they can do >> and police say they want everyone out here to have fun and enjoy either of these events that the
6:50 pm
baseball game or the basketball game. it is said to be built vigilant. reporting live in oakland scott kron4 news. >> >> pam: police in fact are stepping up security around the bay area as a safety precaution because of what happened at kron 4 news. maureen kelly reports of >> bart officials say they are closely monitoring the situation in the boston area and for the time being, those trains can expect to see a visible police station as the train pulled into the station, she would walk the land of the train and look in the windows. other times, her head was on a swivel looking for anything out of the ordinary. bart says they expect to see an increase in patrol where riding the trains as well. they say at this time, it is nearly eight per caution. maureen
6:51 pm
kelly, kron4 news >> pam: we will have more on the boston marathon news coming up right after the break. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
>> catherine: one of the scenes we have seen over and over again today. and older man. he's been pinpointed. knocked off his feet when the first explosion hit. turns out he's a 78 year-old from washington state. he was so close to the blast, he was not badly hurt. he talked about what happened >> i was about 15 ft. within the explosion. a tremendous explosion. it sounds like a bomb went off right next to me. the shock waves hits my whole body and mind legs into started shivering and around. i knew i was going down. i did not feel any severe pain and as i rolled over, i saw a
6:55 pm
scratch on my leg. nothing too bad so i laid there until one of the finisher assistance could come over and talk to me. they offer to give me a hand and help me get up and help me get over the finish line sought to complete my race. >> catherine: it was surprising bill was not badly hurt because he was so close. doctors said he had a script need but walked a half mile back to his hotel. a lot of people amazed that he is actually wondering whether he finished the race. >> collecting some of the more dramatic images all day from all day and right after the terrorist attack. this woman's face. you can see the pain and a motion on her face. she has her hand on her forehead and other people in the background calling for help. here's a wide shot, the first
6:56 pm
explosion right here. the second about 75 yds from the first. here's some of the more graphic images where you will see a bunch of victims' piled on top of each other. and the shot, another woman who wishes so upset about the situation and this is the man that we were just hearing from, the 78 year-old, bill. you see right after he went down, police jumping and to take action. other people going for their radios. this happened literally seconds after the explosion occurred. everyone started helping everyone. stretches were brought out. as the boston marathon quickly turned into a horrific tragedy as two bombs go off within about 15 seconds of one another. >> pam: kron4's coverage of the marathon bombings will continue our newscast tonight at 8:00. right now we know three people have been killed and more the 130 people have been injured. no one has claimed the spot
6:57 pm
ability of those attacks. we will have a complete wrap up at 8:00 p.m. on kron4 door, and on our 247 news channel.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
new bieber backlash over ann frank, what he said to spark a global outrage. >> this fabled innocence has landed him in trouble. >> then young and the restless star jeanne cooper is hospitalized. an update on her health today. plus tiger in his gold medal role, what you didn't see during the telecast? >> what do you want to ask me about that? >> kloe kardashian on her little sister kim. are we having a boy or a girl? and the